Modern Homecoming Portraits // Calvary // Shreveport, LA // Shreveport Photographer

You may be wondering what is Modern Homecoming Portraits are... These days, everyone uses their iphone to capture moments. Unfortunately, iphone's do not print very well. Hiring a professional for Homecoming and Prom can give you the parents one less thing to do, and allowing you to get great quality images from a professional. A professional photographer knows how to pose large groups and knows how to make those awkward first time Pin The Boutonniรจre moments a little more fun!  I was introduced to this group by one of the girls pictured in the precious baby blue dress. She is my step-daughter Caroline. I was thrilled when she asked me to be apart of her first homecoming dance. Her older sister Hannah in the dark blue stuck around in the beginning to get portraits done before heading off with her date. I was able to style Caroline's hair and photograph her and her friends before they went to the Calvary Homecoming Dance. All of the kids did really well and inspired me to market later for Prom portraits later in spring. I am happy to share these with you guys. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading! -Whitney 

Location - LSUS