Front Porch Newborn Portraits // Benton, Louisiana

Your expecting a little one on the way, congratulations! Perhaps you have heard the term 'lifestyle newborn photography' or maybe you haven't. Let me quickly explain what 'lifestyle newborn photography' means to me.

Unlike posed newborn photography, lifestyle does not use props to place baby in/on. Lifestyle uses the babies natural surroundings found in their nursery or throughout the home. Lifestyle photography captures the real candid emotion between baby and parents and/or siblings, with the help of suggested arrangements left to the parents to perform naturally. When you think of lifestyle think of the word natural. Natural surroundings and natural "poses." I put poses in quotations because when I shoot my lifestyle newborns I don't do much posing with them. I want the parents to cuddle their baby how they naturally do, and I want the baby to lay with their hands above their head or in their mouth as they normally would. When I look back on my newborn photos, I want to remember what cute unique things my baby did that made them different from my other children. By capturing newborns in their natural positions, it helps you remember what silly things they did as newborn that you otherwise would have forgotten. 

The reason behind lifestyle newborn photography is to freeze those candid moments with your newborn in time. If you have children already, you know how quickly they grow out of their newborn stage. Do you remember that first week home with your new one? Probably not as well as you would like to remember. With lifestyle newborn photography, you get to capture those sweet cuddle sessions, those feeding times, or how your older children held and kissed their new baby sister/brother.  Looking back on these photos when they are off to kindergarten will bring back those feelings and emotions. You will remember how it felt to hold them in your arms, or the sound of their cry. Lifestyle photography is meant to make you 'feel' when looking back on those photos. I don't think anyone can deny the emotion that fills them when you look at a photo of a new mom holding her precious newborn. 

The Watkins Family