Rico & Aisha // Dallas, Texas engagements // Arboretum & Botanicle Gardens

I have been impatiently waiting to show you all these gorgeous engagement portraits that I took recently in Dallas, Texas... Meet Rico & Aisha!!!

So I met Aisha lets just a while ago (don't want to tell how long its been! ha! ) when we were in the 8th grade! Aisha has always been naturally beautiful! She was liked by everyone and was a cheerleader and all that good stuff.. We ended up graduating several years later only to reconnect through a mutual friend we also went to school with named Alyse. Not too far of a time later did I see on Facebook that Aisha was engaged! She met a very handsome man named Rico Pleasant. They connected through a friend & hit it off! Fast forward some more and Aisha is planning a party. only to find out she was the reason for the party! Rico surprised Aisha by getting down on one knee to ask Aisha to marry him in front of all their close family and friends... She of course said yes! I couldn't of been more excited for her when I saw what happened and how he chose to ask her. Now here comes where I come in the picture of this story... Alyse was happy with some portraits I did of her so, Aisha also wanted to hire me. It really meant a lot to me and I cannot wait to photograph these two in a CASTLE next May! 

Venue : Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Gardens

City venue: Downtown Dallas, Texas

Wedding Venue: The Castle of Rockwall