Surprise Proposal // Engagement Session

I will never forget this sweet moment... Sunday April 9th, 2017. It started when Bastian contacted me for a surprise proposal. I could tell on the phone that Sergio meant everything to him. He wanted to make it special and unique from the start. We brainstormed together this beautiful picnic idea and Bastian requested a guitar/vocalist to sing "Marry Me" by Train. So the day came and we set up the setting just around the corner of a tree.. The story was that I was a new aspiring photographer needing new portrait work. Bastian and his friends would help me out by modeling for me in exchange for some digital images. Everyone but Sergio knew about the surprise.. So we began our session like normal, laughing & having fun. Then as we walked down the hill and around the corner, there was the romantic picnic for two. We all gathered around to watch Bastian share his love with Sergio and put on their matching David Yurman rings. It was truly incredible and I wish Bastian & Sergio much love and happiness in their new marriage. 

Guitar/Vocalist - Ryan Dougherty