Dreamy Couples Session // Petit Jean State Park // Arkansas

How stunning is this location? 

Taking a first glance at these images, those of us who live in Shreveport / Dallas are thinking. "Is that really not that far from us?" With a 4 hour drive north up into the beautiful mountains of Arkansas, it truly is as beautiful as it photographs. All you need is a little bit of patience and a adventurous outlook to get to Petit Jean State Park. I will add the disclaimer that there was absolutely no hike to get to this view. There is paved parking and wah lah, you've arrived! 

I had plans to visit Little Rock, Arkansas for this day and decided to bring along a super sweet photographer friend, Dalton Smiley. He has photographed here many times before and was so kind to show me where this was and to allow me to photograph his friends. They were perfect for this location. Great energy, up for anything & beautiful as you can see. 

I so look forward to adding this location to my clients for future sessions, Including my upcoming trip there August 1st! If you're interested in filling that spot, contact me here! 

I am anxiously waiting to have one of my brides come with me to Petit Jean, a veil blowing in the wind on top of the rock is going to be amazing!  

Enjoy the photos! - Whitney